Monday, July 9, 2012


The captivating allure of a woman is magnetic to all she encounters. Her aura is defined by intrigue and passion. She possesses the power to enchant, seduce and conquer at will with her heart, her mind, her body and her words. Warm as the sun, dipped in ebony majesty, she is full in rhythm and complete notes; harmonious, fluid, sexy. She is never to be underestimated for she has the ability to transform galaxies and move continents from the sizzling kiss of her lips. From the pen of six femme fatales, comes a sweltering journey in erotic pleasure and adventure. This collection of steamy escapades is a savory blend of sensual encounters that revel in lust, obsession, and uncontrollable desire. Take a walk on the wild side as fantasy begins from the sultry moans uttered from lovers lips. Insatiable attractions and deep desires materialize through sizzling prose guaranteed to ignite a fire within which is experienced only in The Heat of the Night.
The Heat of the Night features some of the most-talented authors in the game. Sizzling stories by Pynk, Elissa Gabrielle, Lorraine Elzia, Ebonee Monique, LaLaina Knowles and Niyah Moore, empowering women to take charge of their climax…one page at a time.